The automation of industrial plants or buildings is a very important aspect in the growth of companies as they are faced with the need to:

    • Increase product demand
    • Offer better quality products
    • Optimize processes
    • Optimize energy consumption.

Our clients support us

        • Claia Island Shopping Center
        • Hotel Delphi
        • Hotel Piolets Parc
        • Hotel Prisma Exe
        • Hotel Llop Gris

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    Technical Management and Building Automation

    Industrial automation is a set of techniques based on systems capable of receiving information about the process on which they act, perform analysis actions, organize and control them appropriately in order to optimize production resources, such as materials, human, economic, financial, etc.

    A company’s automation can be adjusted to manual or semi-automatic processes depending on your projects and goals

    What we do?

      • Facilities management
      • Technical service
      • Development and implementation of projects
      • We are representatives of Sauter Ibérica in Andorra: