We have designed the perfect packaging for MKD / SKD, which can be metallic tailored to the customer's needs, fully returnable, so that we lower costs and lower packing times, with the ease of being able to store outside, large durability and flexibility of bodies.

Being an ecological solution and lowering costs in dismantling at destination, also the disposal of waste at destination. A new way to transport in the AUTOMOTIVE sector safely and efficiently.


  • ST-37 steel tube
  • Zinc plated treatment in 11 micron bichromatized gold color


  • Steel ST-37
  • Sheet steel
  • 2.5mm thick polyurea bath black color

Motor pallet:

  • Steel ST-37
  • Sheet steel
  • 2.5mm thick polyurea bath black color
  • Foams density 900 kg / m3 with water repellent treatment (yellow / red color)

Components in ST-37 steel and 2.5 mm thick polyurea bath

  • Exhaust pipe support
  • Wheel support
  • Battery holder
  • Alternator support
  • Foams of 12 and 9 mm density 900 kg / m3 with water-resistant treatment (yellow / red color)


  • Rack folding metal - returnable
  • Cost reduction - Rent vs. purchase
  • We do not generate waste - 0 TN of wood
  • We reduce assembly times - Quick anchor solutions
  • Increase safety - Higher strength materials
  • Free space - Outdoor storage
  • Less administrative management - One contract / order
  • Without quality control packaging - Agreed quality

EASY RACK AIR CARGO AUTOMOTIVE is the solution to the problems of transport of vehicles being the platforms designed to give the best solution to the client, gaining space and loading time. Automotive air transport optimization.


EASY RACK RAIL AUTOMOTIVE is the best solution to transport cars in RAIL, gaining 33% of space, being an EASY RACK RAIL that has the only reusable system designed to gain space and charging time. The definitive optimization in RAIL transport of Automotive.