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Various residues.
We approach recycling.
Green society.

The installation of Recycling points contributes to training and awareness in aspects related to the improvement of waste management by citizens.

In Spain the average distribution of landfills is much lower than that of advanced countries in the management of these infrastructures. The increase in the number of these facilities in Spain to bring recycling points closer to the citizens is essential.

Tailor-made solutions

Did you know that in one week an office of about 100 people produce about 20 bags of waste of which 90% of this waste can be recycled?

At ADINSOL we are aware of the importance of reducing the environmental impact on companies and we believe in a circular economy through recycling.

In this way we provide companies or institutions with solutions to facilitate recycling, providing them with selective collection systems so that through a recycling process all the waste they can have a new life.

Sustainable Work Centers are all those companies that have implemented a system of selective collection of their waste so that through their recycling they can have a new life.
Adinsol collaborates with interested companies by providing them with the containers they need for the implementation of selective waste collection.

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    Recycling points

    Recycling points are facilities where specific waste is collected and which promotes the recycling and recovery of certain types of waste and helps to minimize the uncontrolled dumping of the same.

    The implementation of Recycling points avoids the uncontrolled dumping of uncommon waste, reduces environmental risks and improves waste treatment, whether reuse, recycling, energy recovery or safe disposal in controlled landfills.

    In other previous projects we have worked in collaboration with a company specialized in the supply of container bottles to deposit recycled oil.

    These bottles have the following characteristics:

    • Capacity 1.5 liters
    • HD_PE material (food) 100% recyclable
    • 110 grams in weight
    • Measurements: 100 mm Ø x 265mm in height
    • Cap with double sealing system
    • Customizable screen printing

    We can offer contact with the company in charge of collecting the bottles or we can inform them about companies that do this service in your area.

    1. Sale of used oil collected.
    2. Sale of advertising space on the front panel of the recycling point. This panel can be converted to digital display.
    3. Sale of advertising space in oil collection bottles.

    1. Help for social enterprises.
    2. It promotes the circular economy.
    3. Environmental awareness and pollution reduction.

    Provide a space with bins that allow the separation of waste, encourages the reuse and recycling of garbage, as well as the protection of the environment and the health of people.

    We can adapt our bins to the waste that is most generated in your company or locality: paper, plastic packaging, glass, etc. We can also make them for one or for several wastes.

    • Recycling bin ideal for all types of buildings.
    • Trash selective garbage collection for use in communities, businesses and state institutions.
    • Very compact and small.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Durability and quality of manufacture.